More than 60 major retailers to close on Thanksgiving

Jim comment’s on major retailers closing on Thanksgiving.

  • Many major retailers have done the math, and the sales generated from stores on Thanksgiving Day can’t compete with the negative publicity they get from staying open, according to Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group. “There is no longer the same built up anticipation that the BEST deals happen at the stroke of midnight on Thanksgiving Night,” he said in an email to Retail Dive. “There has been growing backlash in recent years about the fact that regular people can’t even celebrate on of the most universally enjoyed holidays (Thanksgiving) without having to work at least some part of that day.”
  • Holiday shopping has started earlier and is lasting longer, which makes Thanksgiving less important to retailers’ overall take for the season, according to Fosina. The calculation factors in the fact that most retailers will still be able to ring up sales online.
  • “With online purchasing reaching meteoric levels in terms of share of holiday shopping, the idea that brick-and-mortar sales on Thanksgiving would be a ‘missed opportunity’ has no basis in fact,” Fosina said. “Most retailers are using e-commerce and subscription efforts as a strong replacement channel versus in-store purchasing, especially on the actual holiday. We see this trend continuing to expand as consumers become cognizant that they are not ‘missing anything’ by shopping on Thanksgiving.”