Fosina Marketing Group – a leading direct to consumer subscription marketing services company.

Founded in 2003, Fosina Marketing Group has a solid foundation in providing clients with highly strategic insight, tactics and message optimization to aid in maximizing overall media spend. Fosina is an integrated digital marketing agency that offers a suite of services that function as the tool kit to ensure optimal performance in every aspect of direct to consumer marketing and media efforts with particular acumen in the subscription marketing business model. Fosina Marketing Group clearly understands that all aspects of client campaign efforts are measurable and need to be optimized in order to achieve maximum ROI on each and every effort.

At Fosina Marketing Group, the entire team has a tremendous dedication and focus on achieving the clients’ goals and objectives, both in the near term and beyond. Clients work closely with a highly tenured and professional group of Fosina experts, all driven to achieve client metrics of success in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. The dedicated account team at Fosina manages every component of each campaign: from message development and design to the construction of a highly efficient, engaging and targeted media plan. The team can also provide clients with technical assistance to optimize tracking platforms. Each member of the Fosina team works together to craft a strategy and execution that drives the desired results and value required to achieve success.

Under the leadership of Jim Fosina, the Fosina Team of professionals has a strong legacy in helping our clients navigate through the most challenging shifts in consumer behavior. From brand building to message and offer optimization, clients can be sure that they are working with the most knowledgeable group of professionals in the market. The Fosina Account Management Support Team works very closely with clients to ensure that all of the components of campaigns are working in concert to achieve the client’s goals and objectives. The work is always centered on doing all that can be done to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of each and every campaign. Fosina Account Management is always in a state of constant improvement and optimization.

Fosina’s clients benefit from working with a team that leverages best-in-class Media Providers, Customer Management Systems, Customer Service and Communications, Warehousing and Credit Card Merchant Processors all united to provide highly effective and efficient solutions. Fosina Marketing Group is proud of the relationships and responsibilities that have been a hallmark of work with clients such as Disney, AMC, National Geographic, World Book, Highlights, Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, Muzzy, Save the Children, March of Dimes, Sierra Club and many more.

Fosina Marketing is a leader in offering a suite of services, insight and experts that are truly focused on delivering the tools and tactics that drive cost effective and efficient ROI for clients. The deep and wide experience in the industry and commitment to analyzing the nuances of shifts in direct to consumer marketing consumption patterns ensure clients that Fosina will always perform at the highest level.

It is this commitment to client’s goals and objectives that differentiates Fosina in the marketplace. For those Direct to Consumer Marketers who are truly serious about maximizing every aspect of their marketing strategy, the choice will continue to be Fosina Marketing Group.